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1 Minute To Post…the only time you should ever bet on a horse race

1 Minute To Post

1 Minute To Post is the first “tip” service to provide you with the most calculated prediction of a horserace just minutes before post. We focus on NYRA tracks and are currently handicapping Aqueduct at this time. Providing tips that are value oriented, hedged and delivered to your phone by SMS text in a timely manner.

By signing up and paying for tips, you will receive a SMS text message from me just minutes before post time. Please follow me on twitter (@1MinuteToPost) for other important messages related to that day’s races. Only racing tips will be sent by SMS text before selected races. I can never say I have a “best bet” or “play of the day” because I look for a value investment in each wager. (Don’t you hate it when a morning-line long shot selection goes off at 6/5? What kind of value is that?)

1 Minute To Post

How it works:

  • Register your email address with us and wait for our reminders to subscribe.
  • Subscribe here for that day’s picks
  • Do your normal handicapping and wait for our real-time analysis and tips to be texted to you for select races.
  • Be sure to check your mobile device 1-2 minutes before post time for our analysis and betting suggestions.
  • Expect 3 to 6 picks for each day and track that you subscribe to. If we can’t find at least 3 good picks for the day you will be issued a credit for another day’s picks.
  • Bet with your head.


Narrow The Odds

In horse racing anything can happen. The best horse does not always win and if favorites win 33% of the time then isn’t a 66% probability field better to start with?

Hedge My Bets

My strategy is to hedge my bets. My tips often will include coverage for a few possible outcomes.

Stick To The Plan

If I can’t find an opportunity I skip that race.

Why 1 Minute To Post?

Why is 1 Minute To Post a better horse racing tip provider to follow?

Morning line analysis and track handicappers picks are like using dial-up internet service.

Sure most track handicappers study hard the night before race day, but I believe there are so many factors that can affect their top choices outcomes right up to the minute horses go into the gate. Scratches, jockey changes, weather, track conditions and finally and the most important thing to consider are the odds.

Ask any handicapper that considers him or herself a professional and they will most likely tell you that their wagers are not placed until post time. Why? Because they want to know what their final odds (payouts) will be on their investment.

So why did you clip your local newspapers picks this morning? Why are you following so called “expert picks” selected the night before? By the third race today that information is historic and could be completely wrong (especially if track conditions have changed)

If 1 Minute To Post is so good why are you selling your tips?

I make my living on pick 5 and pick 6 bets. I’m sorry to tell you that I won’t be sharing tips on those types of bets. My most successful pick 5 was taking the entire pool on October 28, 2015 at Belmont Park. It was on a $16 ticket that I won $189,000. A few weeks later I won $25,000 at Aqueduct on a pick 5 wager. I’ve hit the pick six many times at Belmont, Saratoga, Aqueduct and Gulfstream Park. I tweet about my winnings and post pictures from time to time. Follow me on twitter to keep up with the latest news from 1 Minute To Post.

Who am I?

With a career background on Wall Street, I like to consider myself a true value handicapper. I’ve been watching races for over twenty years and will undoubtedly admit handicapping is a humbling game. At this time I seek value opportunities and hedge my bets. Most often I have to wait much longer than the average gambler to find my opportunities.

1 Minute To Post – the only time you should ever wager on a horse race!

118 Picks Shared
16% Return On Investment


Results Summary

Belmont Park. Tips Sent 118, Bet $5365, Won $6212, Up $847 or 16%

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